In the silence of my studio is where I find myself, doing what I love most: I let my soul play, I choose my own themes; now palpable, when I look for references in the urban space aged by time, its degradations, oxidations and human interference; now not palpable, when these references are internal perceptions, the essence of this urban space or not. It is when the landscape, the flowers, the birds or even the feelings appear in the density of the masses, shapes and colors, lines and graphics, accumulations or absence of them, movement or silence, light, shadow. With the diversity of materials and techniques, I allow myself to choose the one that most embodies the image observed or imagined. The thick layers of pictorial masses reveal shapes without the precise intention of drawing. The large formats came from the need for the architectural market and also from my own need to manifest my inner poetics, a dimension that best fits my artistic language. I seek freedom of expression to abstract a hard and heavy reality, to achieve lightness through art, and thus to transcend. Yolanda Mohalyi (1909/1978), Hungarian artist naturalized Brazilian, my inspiration, reports this need to materialize feelings and perceptions in her dicourse on art, asking these questions: “What is art, anyway? Creative force? Experience? Balance? The realization of the essence of the soul? Spark of the universe within man? Or, simply, the anxious search for the lost paradise? Maybe, all of that… ”

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