Ramon Martins

1981, Sao Paulo

Ramon's fluid spirit is a collage of possibilities and reconfigurations. A “caledoscopic” universe that reflects a deep and richly rebellious essence created by its repertoire of urban culture associated with academic reflections.
Since his debut, Ramon has impressed with his unique style in eclectic approaches, languages and artistic techniques. The fabric of his universe is recognized by themes and elements of wild and tropical nature, organic features, Baroque from Minas Gerais, urban culture, Asian tradition, Pop culture and its opposites, solitude and anonymous portraits. A strong “geographical poetry” is noticeable in his work; the artist articulates beautiful visual poetry from a wide range of places, times, cultures, customs and values. There is a vibration, excitement and melancholy that, despite the explosive visual exuberance, lead to an introspective communion. This, in a sensual way, illuminates a dreamlike realism that reveals different possibilities about ourselves.
In 2014 the artist participated in the 3rd edition of “RUA Festival: Reflex on Urban Art in Amsterdam”, with the panel “A Pregnant Man's Dream” and in 2009 of the first edition “RUA Festival: Reflex on Urban Art in Rotterdam” which gave him provided remarkable visibility and projection. On this occasion, the artist exhibited one of his most brilliant works: “Love Spreads, 2009”. Following the success of his outdoor performance in Rotterdam, Ramon was part of the exhibition “From Inside To Outside From Outside To Inside” still in 2009 at São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand Museum of Art - MASP, which had an impressive record of more than 140 thousand visitors in a period of 10 weeks. Ramon Martins' work is represented by the largest collections in Brazil including MAM - RJ (Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro) and MASP in São Paulo. So far the artist has held exhibitions in South America, North America and Europe; and its murals reach the three continents in the same way.

  • SOURCE: http://www.ramonmartins.com/

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