Mitsutaka Kogure

Gunma-Ken, Japan, 1938 - São Paulo 2002

Born in Gunma-Ken, Japan on August 14, 1938. In his homeland he studied at the University of Fine Arts in Bunka Galduvin, Tokyo. Still in Japan, he participated in several exhibitions and won several awards.
He moved to Brazil in 1960 and took up residence in São Paulo. He participated in several collective exhibitions, individual and international, winning several awards.
Pietro Maria Bardi declared: 'Your work can be defined as thematic. While the Japanese living in Brazil prefer abstractionism, it is inspired by reality. However, he is not a realist, but a poet who interprets reality. His themes are harvested in the landscape and the result is very poetic, because in his synthetic vision, he manages to offer a harmony of colors in essential forms. These are always alive and adjusted to a metaphysical composition. Each shade is in function of the others, creating atmospheres full of feeling. He is a poet with an oriental soul, even if the themes are American or Old World. His education is Japanese, his reasoning is also Japanese and his way of seeing the Western world remains very Japanese. A case that we would say unique, affirming a very distinct and rich personality from the future ”.

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