Brazilian and descendant of French, Chaussard inspires his work in the Bauhaus aesthetic and in the modernist movement that impacted him in his artistic training.

Resident in an island of intense natural beauty in the south of Brazil, the visual artist is provoked every day by the beautiful landscapes and by the maturation of his gaze towards the beautiful: “My art is initially in the identification of a charming scene transformed through any technique artistic in the creative image printed in my mind ”.

In addition to exercising his mind with the visual arts, Cristiano Chaussard seeks to develop himself in the performing arts by integrating the Cia de Arte Irreversível, a troupe of amateur actors who perform every six months in Florianópolis.

Cristiano Chaussard is also a graduate professor in e-commerce and strategic marketing, he is the founder of Flexy Negócios Digitais, president of the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce in Santa Catarina and vice president of the municipal council of innovation in Florianópolis.


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