Lu Mourelle

Campinas, São Paulo, 1971

Lu Mourelle's work is the result of the artist's emotional baggage, who since childhood alternates residence between Brazil, where she was born, and Europe. Accustomed from an early age to integrating plural and diverse societies, Lu Mourelle dedicated herself to the world of fashion before fully embracing Plastic Arts. From painting studies and all this life experience, the representation of women who are different and rich in personality and emotion is born, characters of atypical and contemporary beauty.

Lu Mourelle has exhibitions in countries in South America, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Austria. A member of the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, the artist continues her research to formulate color compositions combined with original features and multiple visions. Lu Mourelle starts from the deconstruction to strengthen faces and looks full of expression. They are idealized and at the same time subjective figures, which transform the audience's experience into the contemplation of the feminine.

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